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Bradley Baseball

Half Moon H-Web, Igniter Spark Plug 4-Finger

Half Moon H-Web, Igniter Spark Plug 4-Finger

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New '23 Model, Upgraded on past models, now with All Leather Construction.

Our "teaching glove." For kids (4-7) who are still learning to close the glove properly, we have created a "four-finger" pattern that is built for the pinkie and ring finger to fit comfortably in the pinkie slot. This creates added strength and leverage for a young player to closer the glove thumb to ring finger. We've also extended the hinges on each side of the pocket to assist the player in closing the glove without pushing the palm forward (which leads to the ball popping out).

Recommended for tee ball, coach pitch and machine pitch players.

  • Shell: Natural Native Pebble steerhide
  • Lining: Pigskin lining for palm and fingers
  • Welting & Binding: Native Pebble Steerhide
  • Wrist: Acrylic fur
  • Lacing: Pro-grade lace leather
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