Frequently Asked Questions

Order Questions

How long does it take to receive a Bradley Custom Glove?
Custom gloves take 10-12 weeks from the order date. Once your custom glove is ready to ship then our shipping will send a tracking # to the email provided on the order. 

Do you send a tracking number when you ship my glove?
Yes, once the glove is labeled and ships we send a tracking # to the email you provided us on your order.

Can I make order changes after I placed my order?
Custom gloves are made from the order you submit to us on our customizer, so please double and triple check everything before submitting.  Once we receive the order we send it to production immediately. The problem with making order changes is the factory cuts the patterns and does the embroidery early in the glove making process and because of this we don't allow order changes after the order has been placed.


Leather Questions

Which leather is best?
The best leather for you depends on your needs. In the stock gloves you’ll see gloves in the Igniter Series that are “Indo Steerhide.” This is the softest and lightest leather we offer. The stock Next Play Series is made of a more dense “Native Steerhide.” Still, this leather is pretty easy to break in. “Native Kip” and “Pro Kip” are light but firmer. USA Steerhide is heavier, stiffer, and takes more time to break in, which means especially for younger players you do not want to think the most expensive glove is necessarily the right glove for him or her.


Sizing Questions

What do the glove sizes mean?
Basically, it’s the length, measured from the pinkie hinge of the glove to the longest tip of the web. In the custom glove builder you’ll be asked to select a “Hand Fit.” Igniter is the most narrow in the heel and snug in the fingers. We recommend Igniter for players under 65 pounds. “Youth” is the fit we use in our popular Next Play Series, geared toward players in the 65-110 pound range. “Teen Fit” would work for a player up to 170 pounds and “Pro Fit is for an adult hand.


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