Bradley Leathers and Materials

At Bradley, we strive to match the best materials grades to the function and form of the product.  

Premium USA Steerhide

One of our highest grades of leather, Premium USA Steerhide is taken from high quality select hides and tanned in one of the most renowned tanneries of baseball glove leather.  This leather makes for a tough and durable baseball glove, and can be applied to gloves for the serious youngster all the way up through the avid adult player.  Choosing USA Steerhide for your custom glove may be a bit too heavy duty for the really young player, so be very aware of break-in times and some stiffness.

Native Kip Leather

Native Kip is a great balance between strength and pliability, and is the perfect grade of leather for the young player and beyond.  This leather has a smooth and consistent grain, and is not too thick or heavy for very small hands.  Choose this leather on custom gloves for any level of play and age.


Lacing and Stitching

All of our gloves are stitched together with high-strength nylon stitching.  Various levels of lacing are applied, depending on the glove series.  All custom gloves use pro-grade leather that is tanned specifically to a hardened finish and cut into strong laces that will last a long time.