The Bradley Band

The Bradley Band

Bradley Gloves basically come ready to play.

From the second you or your kid puts one of our gloves on you'll notice it doesn't feel much like any new baseball glove you've ever worn. With minimal effort you can close the glove as you please, whether that's thumb to pinkie, thumb to ring, thumb to middle or thumb to index, you'll be able to manipulate the glove the way you want it to  work.

For those who don't understand that last paragraph, I'll back up a bit. Most higher-level players figure out how they want their glove to work. Those who want a big catching area, a deep pocket, and don't care too much about getting the ball out of the glove quickly, they'll typically want to their glove to close thumb to pinkie or thumb to ring. Middle infielders, by contrast, don't want the glove to swallow the ball, so they prefer going thumb to middle or thumb to index. The catching area becomes smaller, but getting the ball out of the glove becomes easier. With young players, it's going to take some time to figure out a preference.

What's important to all players, however, is keeping the shape of your glove intact. To help my players with glove maintenance, I'm providing everyone who purchases a Bradley glove with a Bradley Band. When you're done playing with your glove, put a ball or two in the pocket and close the glove the way you want it to close. Then take the band and wrap it around the glove to hold that shape. 

Do this during break-in, of course, but also when you're throwing your glove into your bag, or putting it on a shelf in your room. Every time you go to put on your glove, if it's wrapped, the glove will feel perfectly shaped. It's a little thing, but it will make your glove work better and hold up better for more seasons.

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