Precious Cargo

So the calls are now coming in from retailers. They want to stock Bradley gloves.

Right now, I'm hesitant, and here's why. Have you ever been to a big box store in search of a baseball glove? From my experience, which is vast, the gloves are either stuck on protruding poles, stacked 5-6 deep, or jammed into box-like shelves.

As a former player, this is offensive to me. No serious defensive player would just jam his glove into a box, nor would he want a pole strung through the wrist. I'm not saying these things would cause permanent damage to a glove. Trust me, I have a million tricks up my sleeve to help a glove regain it's shape. But my point is, I'd never do that to a glove.

So, for now anyway, I'm keeping my inventory. I keep all the gloves carefully packed, with a cylinder in each one to keep it from getting crushed. When an order comes in, the first thing I do is put your glove on my hand. I manipulate it a bit, to make sure it's perfect when I put it into the box to ship it to you. I do not simply cram it into a box.

I'm better than that!

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