Our Colors

Our Colors

Do you have any other colors?

I've already been asked this a bunch of times since we launched, and the answer is "No." Maybe some day I'll be able to offer custom gloves in all of the rainbow's colors, but right now, the only way I can offer you a great glove at a great price and get it on your hand - or your kid's hand - is to have gloves in stock. So, every glove you see on the website, I've got and can get to you as soon as you place your order.

But back to our colors. I chose to make Navy Blue and Gold the official colors of Bradley Baseball as a tribute to my son Tyler, who is a Midshipman Candidate at the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School and a future officer in the United States armed forces.

Tyler is a ballplayer who embodies everything about Bradley Baseball.

Always a hard-worker who enjoyed practice more than he enjoyed games, Tyler started playing baseball around the age of five. I have vivid memories of throwing him the highest pop-ups my arm could muster. We'd use a softer baseball in case he misjudged a ball and took one off the dome, but he got pretty good pretty fast.

Tyler would go on to become a catcher in high school. A pretty good catcher who, as I said, loved to work on the game, but also had a desire to serve his country. Because Tyler wears Navy Blue and Gold almost every day of the year, I thought those would make perfect colors for the first run of Bradley Gloves. 

I think it works.

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