Falling In Love With the Game

Falling In Love With the Game

It might sound corny, but I think our Igniter Series gloves can help a kid fall in love with baseball.

I think back to my own childhood and the endless games of "500" and "Hit the Bat" and "Running Bases" (aka "Pickle"). I was a lucky kid to have two older brothers to pass down their gloves to me. A little big, but broken-in and fully capable of snagging a ball one-handed.

So, when I set out to build the best "first real glove" in baseball history, I told my designers and craftsmen, it needed to fit a 4-5 year old's hand, but somehow it needed to have a big pocket. A rally big pocket. After much trial and error, I settled upon this six-finger trap web.

I do realize the Old School web might not appeal visually to every kid, mainly because they don't see too many players in Major League Baseball using this style (but, adults all remember Ozzie Smith). But I chose functionality over looks in this case.

Because I want your kid to build confidence when learning the game. I want the glove to work, more than I want it to look like the glove he sees his favorite MLB player using.

Trust me, I've sampled every style known to the industry. Some of the big-name companies have done a really good job replicating the look of their pro-level gloves, but the patterns and the shape simply do not work to secure the baseball one-handed.

So, if you've got a kid aged 4-8 with a small hand, but a big desire to get out and catch some baseballs. I am telling you...and yeah, it's corny...this glove will help him love the game a bit more. 


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