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Do I Need a Bradley Custom Youth Baseball Glove?

Over the past two years, we've experienced exponential growth in the number of Bradley Baseball (and Softball) gloves that have been brought to market and onto the hands of 4 to 18 year olds across the country.  Our mission is simple - to make the best possible youth-teen baseball and softball glove at the best possible price.  We appreciate and acknowledge YOU, our loyal customers.  With this growth, we aim to rise to the challenge of meeting the growing expectations of our widening customer base.

One of the most common requests we hear is to offer customization.  We get it.  A glove carries sentimental value, and personalization adds to that with your own name, number, team logo, colorization, and web style.  On top of that, a custom glove just looks cool and it can be a great gift idea.  We have heard you loud and clear, and we are excited to announce our new Bradley Custom Glove Shop!  

So on to your questions...

Do I Need a Bradley Custom Youth Baseball (or Softball) Glove?

That's an easy one to answer - No, you don't.  You may very well want a custom glove, but we are confident that your needs will certainly be met by any of our many readily available glove models right here in our online store.  Those 'off the shelf' models are built with quality, durability, and wearability in mind, and you can get one delivered right to your doorstep as early as tomorrow.

You may still want that custom glove though.  So I'll move on to your other questions...

Are Bradley Custom Gloves built to the same quality and standards as the stock gloves that I am used to?

Actually, our custom gloves are made to a higher standard.  One of the hangups we had in offering custom gloves was the idea of charging a much higher price than a stock glove just for added coloration and personalization.  Custom gloves aren't cheap.  The higher price is unavoidable, but as a compromise to our own ideals we decided to make an ultra-upgrade:  All Next Play Custom Glove Models will be made with Professional Grade Nagasaki Kip leather.  That's right - our youth series custom gloves will be made with leather good enough to use at the highest level of adult play.  Bandito Pro Custom Glove Models will offer Professional Grade USA Steerhide.  We've over-engineered our custom products at no added expense to you, and you will feel the difference with a product that will hold up for years to come.

How do I design and order my Bradley Custom Glove?

Simply hop on over to the Bradley Custom Shop, and begin by first selecting the Series and glove template that you want to start from.  Start the customization module by clicking the 'Customize Me' button.  From there, it's all you.  Just click through the basic specs, color options, and personalization choices, and click 'Add to Cart' to move your order to the shopping cart.  Remember, once you checkout and pay for your order, we will get started on it pretty quickly.  Please double and triple check that your color selections and name spellings are correct.

How long does it take for my custom order to arrive?

The custom order queue fills up quickly.  If you're lucky, you may get it as quickly as 5 weeks.  To be safe, please plan on a 6 to 10 week wait time.

What is the return policy on custom gloves?

All custom sales are final.  We offer no returns, refunds, or exchanges on custom orders unless it is determined that there was egregious factory error.  If we spell your name wrong, that's on us!  

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