As We Hit the Five-Month Mark

As We Hit the Five-Month Mark

First of all, thank you for supporting my start-up. The response has been overwhelming and the photos you are sending me of your kids, smiling with their new (or game-used) Bradley Glove give me goosebumps. Seriously, I am living the dream.

Obviously, we are not for everybody. There  are still many folks out there who are perfectly fine purchasing a throw-away youth baseball glove for under $50 and getting some use out of it. I have nothing against that and, quite honestly, one of the best youth gloves I ever bought my son was a plastic six-finger glove I found at Target for about $15. It was a good glove because it fit his hand, worked on his hand, and secured the baseball.

But I also felt there were parents out there who had kids who were starting to love baseball and softball, who were eating, drinking and sleeping the game, and who were deserving of a glove that was more than a throwaway item for a big company. That was my inspiration when I started working on the patterns for Bradley Baseball and Softball Gloves. For the little gamers out there, ages 4-15, I wanted to create a leather glove that would be almost game-ready out of the box, that would work and hold up and would look and feel great.

With the introduction of our Igniter Series for kids aged 4-8 and our FP Gold Series for girls fast-pitch players, I think our product line is nearly complete. Oh, I'm a glove junkie, so I'm going to try a few new things (have you seen the Black Banditos?), but for the most part, I think at the five-month mark, Bradley Baseball is ready to do what we set out to do.

Change The Game.

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