12" H-Web, Bandito Series Black/Gold

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The perfect glove for a Little League aged outfielder. All-leather shell, palm, binding and welting, designed and crafted by one of the most highly-regarded glove makers in the world. Bradley Baseball is the only glove company focused on creating baseball gloves for young players. The same patterns and components used on pro-level gloves, but built to work on a kid's hand. This glove will break in rapidly and hold its shape for a number of seasons. #BradleyBaseball #ChangeTheGame #Next Play

  • Shell: Naturally smooth, premium Ngobo steerhide leather
  • Lining: Cushioned sheepskin for palm, premium cow leather for fingers
  • Welting & Binding: Full-grain cow leather
  • Wrist: Acrylic fur
  • Lacing: USA steerhide pro-grade lace leather

About the H-Web. Very much a hybrid web choice. You'll see it on both infielders (usually third baseman, occasionally shortstops) and outfielders. This web is for the fielder who doesn't mind the ball settling deep in the pocket.

Available for Right and Left-Handed Throwers