How to Pick the Right Glove

Picking out the right Bradley Baseball or Softball Glove for a young player may appear daunting, but it's actually quite simple. Here are some basic guidelines.

Size is actually length. Some people think that a kid is going to move up the line from a 9.5" glove when he's four years old to a 12.5" glove when he's 14. Not the case. Major League infielders like Craig Biggio have used gloves as small at 10.25". At a point, a kid will want a glove that's sized for his position. However, in the beginning, most kids move around the diamond, so really, it's just about picking out a model that can work on his hand.

So, how do you go about that? The basic age guidelines should work.

For little kids with small wrists, we recommend the Igniter Series, because of the adjustable wrist band. I am especially fond of the 10" Six-Finger Trap glove as I believe the large pocket can really help a kid develop confidence and trust in the glove.We list these Igniter Series gloves as for ages 4-8, but if a kid is having success with one of these gloves there's no reason he can't continue using it. These gloves are legit, not "tee-ball gloves."

By Little League age (8-9), we recommend either our Bandito or Next Play Series Gloves. In case you were wondering, the only difference between Bandito and Next Play is color. Most kids aged 8-10 are going to want one of our gloves 11.25" to 11.75". 

I try to tell parents of kids who are just learning the game that a glove that's a little longer is not a bad thing, because new players can benefit from having a larger catching area. If he or she can properly close the glove, touching fingertips, not squeezing the palm, most of our gloves are going to work on the hand of a kid aged 8-15.

When kids turn 11 and 12, that's usually when coaches start to determine each player's best positions. If a kid's primary position is middle infield, he's going to settle into an 11.25" or 11.5" glove, and probably won't switch during his career unless he's moved to third base, in which case he might want an 11.75" or 12" glove. If he's primarily an outfielder, I suggest the 12" gloves for now and the 12.5" gloves as he hits the big diamond at 13.

As far as choosing the right web, that's just a matter of personal preference. Most kids seem to want to use the web they see on one of their favorite players. At higher levels, pitchers like to have gloves with solid webs like the split-solid and the basket. But that's not really something a Little League aged player needs to worry about. Let your kid pick the web he or she likes best, because it's important that they be happy with the look of their glove.

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Jeff Bradley